Ricardito Ramos
July 11, 2015


Losing our sense of worth and history, some succumb to the comfort of not doing anything, of being “revolutionaries” in thought online or in talk, but not actually organizing or engaging in the work it takes to pick up the struggle. Some become weak, giving in to opportunism, deceit, dogmatism, intellectualism, etc……ideologically dominated and historically forgetful. Past progressives and revolutionaries set a bar — we need to live up to it and stop deceiving ourselves and stop being dishonest to the people around us……


The domination is strong,
when you fold into the hands of your enemy,
you wrong, grimy situation of pacification,
opportunist tendencies,
there’s a correlation
flooded with insecurities
you find solace in a disease
the workers sing freedom songs
to carry on damn they so strong
the brains of the operation
a truly different creed

matter in motion trapped in devotion
to the class of parasites who privatize oceans
unlike the bosses, their blood is great
their chains need to break
chained to capitalists who commit wicked deeds
you see, the way they thirst for what they need
drive them to plant poisonous seeds
exploiting labor as they cut the trees
if earth is a garden, they’re just the weeds
don’t give in, the system pressures us so we don’t win,
quitting is cowards twin
selfish half-hearted characteristics
always end up on history’s bin, their morals are twisted
don’t reproduce the enemy within
so many inhaling bourgeois poison readily, steadily,
voluntarily like hitting the bong.
fuck is going on?
Pressure builds character,
those who stand tall take longer to fall,
those who don’t can’t even pass for amateur,
no respect when you got no stamina
if they just talk, they frauds
dull swords do no work
just make noise, they jerks
work for the boyz, they wired
rolling with imperialist empires
you can’t just speak you need action
theory is trash with no practice
invalid, dogmatic, science moves forward
don’t move backwards
our sisters are soldiers holding half the sky
don’t disrespect them or tell them lies
when you diss them your enemies strategy’s what you apply
man these computer revolutionaries they lie
they egg shells walking
they front hard but when times turn tough
they soften
one little hiccup,
they talkin
ideology’s more than perception
it’s how you live
it’s how you participate in struggle, its what you give
manipulating your way through life is sick
you become a charlatan, immersed in deceit
you become a joke, a trick
lose your own dignity, fall flat into the abyss of defeat
you ain’t shit if you turn to the decrepit
a militants inception begins by standing
with the people, the masses
going against the whole tide if the wave is wrong
rep the working classes
the engine of the world
the whole social axis
from the prisons where half of them are trapped
to the sweatshops, masters on their backs
drowning in a sea that’s polluted and its hard to see
blinded with privilege the few living comfortably
a precedent’s been set
history marches on don’t forget
change isn’t something you elect
it’s something you fight for
class struggle is the highest cause
love the earth a futures is what we die for
even martin broke the law
so dedicate yourself to the people
cuz capitalism — that shits just mad evil
true militants live on their feet

only suckas are pleased to stay on their knees
the fundamental contradiction
is capital versus labor.
the elemental. is followed by logic sequential
the proletariat holds a prescription to cure bourgeois sickness
revolution’s essential