About INIP (Idées Nouvelles Idées Prolétariennes)
Last edited 4/16/13

INIP is a publishing entity for the popularization of theory and other texts that serve the interests of the working class in their struggle against capital.


Proletarian class consciousness, the most necessary element of a revolutionary struggle, is currently nearly non-existent in most social formations. Our purpose is to influence objective conditions by addressing the subjective factor; in other words, to increase the potential for revolution by popularizing documents that advance the theory of our class and assert a corresponding political line.


This project promotes the constructing of theory and political line through a constant dialectical process of unity-struggle-unity (defining initial unity and achieving a higher level of unity through struggle). While we recognize essential contributions from the past, proletarian theory is not a static dogma, but a living science. It is most powerful when collectively constructed and appropriated, for our class to advance together. Theory and line are perpetually subject to verification through practice, and to rectification as understanding develops.