by Ricardito Ramos

(August 13, 2014)


My great grandmother man, she lived through so many wars

Even the “great one”, where so many fought

To accumulate for rulers and makers of laws

What was it all for, she wasn’t entirely sure

But they profit from all of them, of that we can be sure

Imagine the names with which they were called

My great grandmother lived through the “great war”

Great because their pockets would inflate as they devastate

Wars are fought for Capital let’s set it straight

They called the “The War to End All Wars”

“World War 1”, when more than half the world never fought

It’s chauvinistic, sadistic thought

It was fought for Imperialist accumulation

Thought it was also called “The War of the Nations”

They needed to decide who’d plunder what, straight robbery

Though Wilson called it “The War to Make the World safe for Democracy”

On April 2nd, 1917, half a year before the workers took Russia to wipe the slate clean

But for now, half the belligerents set their sights on Prussia

They call it “theatre” because it’s all a facade, death in the opening scene

Different actors in the same game

Bourgeois gave orders, millions died, damn what a shame

But since their birth, they set the world in flames


My great grand mother lived through more war

My grandmother lived through it too

Inter-imperialist, whoops, I mean “World War Two”

Another “World War” when more than half the world had no clue

Only the Imperialist states really knew what to do

You ever seen the posters?

Women holding flags but trapped like gats in holsters

talk back? Get clapped like workers in a factoy for coca-cola

Just good for “support”, just there to bolster

The males who were most the soldiers

The Nazis were evil just as normal bourgeois people,

All just different shades of parasites and vultures

Know your history, you know who controls you

Millions more died on the barbarous front lines

From orders given by those who do nothing but lie around

Count the checks that fly in as soldiers drop on grounds


My mother man she lived through so many wars

Main theme of these? They called it “Cold”

War seems to be what Capitalism adores

This was more by proxies they set off shores

Same history, smash the worker’s cause,

From Vietnam to Nicaragua,

Afghanistan where CIA trained Taliban marauders

Constant war, war non-stop all for profit

Take that democracy talk and stop it

Democracy of rulers is dictatorship against the ruled

They send tanks and ships, man their system is so cruel

It’ll never stop, like budget cut attacks on wages and schools

Through the ages they rather we be fools

Ideological apparatus just another tool

You emulate the masters and you think it’s cool

Work to reproduce a whole class

But when asked to pick up the historical task

It’s as if there’s no working class

The way the world is working, the whole planet’s turned into trash

Capitalists are smirking so far we finish last


My ancestors lived through wars my great grandparents and grandparents too. So much so you’d think that shit is cool. My parents lived through war and now I’m living through it. Yet it still goes on this is truly foolish. Racism, sexism, barbarism depicted all over. The burden of history is on our shoulders. All these wars to keep them “coming to our door”, but what are they really for? The names change but the reason’s the same. Their contradictions and aspirations bring us nothing but death and pain. Shrapnel and mines, sweatshops and fast food joints lace the terrain. We need a movement to change this shit, and we can really do it. Unity of the masses lead by working classes it’s been done before these facts are the truest. Next time we’d make sure to learn from history’s flaws. Overthrow then keep down the vulture’s claws. Capital must be stomped and strangled dead. It’s dead labor reproducing off the living living in shitty conditions, and would rather fill us up with lead. The only flag worth raising is the color red, the color of the blood the bourgeois always shed. …